Allergy and food intolerance tests

What is happening physically in an ALLERGY?
A cascade of events occurs in an allergic response:


  • On first contact, it can take up to two weeks for enough antibodies to be produced to respond adequately to a ‘threat' or antigen

  • The immune system produces IgE antibodies; a type of white blood cell called a ‘B cell’ produces these

  • When B cells become activated, they develop into plasma cells. Plasma cells create antibodies that are specific to an antigen (it’s like a lock and key system)

  • IgE antibodies produced are found mostly in saliva and mucus membranes

  • IgE antibodies release histamine upon contact with an antigen which produces symptoms such as:

Sneezing - Coughing - Runny nose - Itchy mouth/lips - Swelling of the lips/face
Rashes - Difficulty breathing - Vomiting - Worsening of asthmatic symptoms - Anaphylactic shock


  • These symptoms are rapid-onset so would happen within minutes and up to 2 hours of exposure to the antigen

What is happening physically in an INTOLERANCE?


  • There are different types of food intolerances – we test for immune-mediated intolerances where the body produces IgG4 antibodies against certain food and drink items

  • The symptoms, which arise as a result of this type of reaction are delayed-onset, so could occur up to 72 hours after eating a food.

  • Food intolerances can be hard to identify due to the longer period of time symptoms come about and sometimes the subtly of symptoms

  • Symptoms tend to be more digestive system orientated but can include fatigue/headaches and:

Bloating - Flatulence - Diarrhoea - Headaches - Fatigue  
Can contribute towards inflammation and joint pain



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