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Stress management- 2-hour workshop
This workshop will take on a holistic approach to stress management where we will talk about what foods to eat under periods of stress, sleep protocol, calming breathing exercises, controlling your anxiety through audio guides and some mindfulness exercises.
Mental Wellness  – 2-hour workshop
There is a lot of research to show the connection between the gut and the brain. During this workshop we will be talking about healthy fats for brain development, your happy neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine and what foods to eat for optimum gut and brain health.

Fatigue- why am I tired? - 1.5 hour workshop
During this workshop you will learn about how nutrition is linked to stress and fatigue and what foods we can eat to help nourish our cells for energy

Nutrient Dense cookery workshops -  2 hour demonstration
These workshops are very interactive where we talk about a number of easy food swaps that can be incorporated into daily lives and simple quick recipes with super foods that can be used to maintain a healthy immune system and keep energized throughout the day.
Healthy Desserts workshop – 3-hour demonstration  (1 hour prep)

Learn how to prepare delicious healthy desserts that are free from gluten, dairy grain and refined sugars. We will also cover the health properties and nutrients of each ingredient used.

Children's health and wellness workshop - 2 hour workshop
 We will discuss essential fatty acids for brain development, balancing sugar levels to improve concentration and mood. Important vitamins and minerals for children and the foods that contain these.  Lifestyle factors will also be discussed including the importance of sleep and exercise and how this affects your child. There will be taster sessions for healthier food swaps and healthy recipes.

1 hour presentations:

  • Stress Management

  • Mental wellness

  • Sleep Hygiene

  • Weight Loss/Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Gut Health

  • Children’s health/Obesity

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Healthy heart

  • Immune health- Warding off those coughs and flu