Impressed with the quality and calibre of information and knowledge . I would recommend going along to workshop. The facilitator style is warm and friendly. Come along if you fancy discovering more about nutrition, food and health- Angolia Depew

I recently attended the 'Gut Healing and Liver Detox' workshop. I found the workshop to be extremely informative and the speaker to be very knowledge about the topic. The session itself was engaging and I learnt several new facts; given the group size and number of attendees was very small. I hope to begin the 6 week gut healing program very soon.- Mudassar

I attended Parveen's presentation on gut cleanse and found it very informative. She explains everything with clarity and answers participants' queries with patience and spot on. Highly recommend her and request the community to keep attending various presentations given by her so that good nutritional knowledge is shared across.- Divya

I attended one of Parveen's presentations on children's general health and wellbeing. She was a very knowledgeable speaker and keen to help with any queries that were raised during her presentation. I highly recommend her as a fountain of knowledge on nutrition and will most certainly attend future presentations. Good value for money too, keep up the good work-  Farhat Akbar

I have attended 3 difference presentations and have learned so much about my own health and children's health.Knowledge is power and knowing what we eat and what we should be eating can cure us and prolong our lives. Choice and decision is only ours!Presentations are in very easy, friendly atmosphere where anyone can ask questions and make own notes.They are so valuable that you want to know more and more after each presentation. We are what we eat 100%!! Looking forward to future presentations and can't recommend these high enough for any women and moms especially. Amazing value!!- Oksana