I graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine as Nutritional Therapist and I am a mature mother of young twins. Focusing on my career, I decided to have children in the later stages of my life and gave birth to twin boys in my mid forties. One of my twins unfortunately had multiple allergies leading to eczema. Conventional treatment was not helping and this coupled with some other private women’s health issues, led me to study Naturopathic Nutrition to get a better understanding of how nutrition can help and get to the root cause of a health problem. 

I delivers workshops and presentations to corporate, community and charitable organisations. 
The workshops are fun and interactive with some food tasting sessions.

I also offer private consultations, aiming to help people reassess their current dietary and lifestyle choices to improve their sense of wellbeing. The focus is to heal you naturally, concentrating on health, well-being, energy and vitality to reach your goals.
I am also a firm believer in educating and empowering you, to help you form good eating and lifestyle habits so that it fits in with your current situation.

Everyone is different and there is no single diet that fits all. Different conditions/diseases require specific diets, that’s where I can help.

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